Smart Face Tracking Robot VLOG

This advanced Robot will Let your phone follows you, take selfies, and make professional video content without asking for help. With 360 Infinite Horizontal Rotation maximize your smartphone camera's capability with Auto-tracking, Smart Capture and 9 Quick Create modes.

Built-in innovative smart track tracking algorithm, real-time target tracking shooting function, chase the displacement of objects and automatically capture interesting pictures

The camera interface locks on the target, and follows the target to complete a variety of scenes shootings. The combination of deep learning and computer vision algorithms makes the follow motion to be smoother.

After switching to the face tracking mode, it can automatically recognize your face and follows you wherever you go!

Introduces portrait composition and scale estimation Al technology into the intelligent shooting system, which can automatically perform professional composition optimize processing on people/pets.  Even Capture beautiful, seamless panoramas hands-free with you in it!

Record the beauty with it and explore more novel ways to play with it.
Great for Lectures, Sporting Events, Presentations. Group Photos, Adventure Shots, Instagram, Facebook Live, Vlogging.

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